VilniusPHP 0x2f event, presenting: Server-Sent Events

Auginte blog starts its journey

Working software is better, than comprehensive documentation

Therefore, most of the effort was spent to create better software, that write about it. Until now…

Sharing insights as presentations

It takes time and many iterations to make good software, but there are plenty of good ideas, that come along the way.  Those ideas were presented in technical meet-ups:

In all those presentations you can see small logo of:

Auiginte Logo (with background)

Because most of the material for those presentations came, while building Auginte project.

Time for blog posts

Blog have a better format to show progress of the project. Including architectural decisions, vision, small and bigger insights.

Project came to the stage, where comments and external input is more valuable than initial idea.

Aurelijus Banelis

Software developer and author of Auginte project.
Technology enthusiast and a speaker, sharing knowledge in local technology meetups (E.g. VilniusPHP, NFQ talks) and conferences (E.g. Infoshow, Fosdem).

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